Best Sites To Self-Publish


When I realized I’d be self-publishing and not going with a traditional publishing house, I felt overwhelmed. But then someone opened my eyes and showed me that self-publishing isn’t really all that bad. It’s easier than you think. I’ve collected a list of sites that are the best for authors looking to self-publish. These sites offer the best services out there. Let me clarify, if you are looking to publish to traditional paperback, then this article isn’t for you and you’ll quickly become broke. Publishing to paper is an aged dinosaur that the wealthy can only afford.

1. Amazon [ royalties : 35-70% ]
This is at the top of my list, of course, because it’s readership is vast and platform easy for self-publishing eBooks. Amazon has a variety of tools for self-publishers. In ten small steps, it guides you through formatting your book and uploading it to the net. It also has a number of options open for consideration.

2. CreateSpace [ royalties : 20-60% ]
This is a print-on-demand service operated by Amazon. CreateSpace is a great resource for authors who’d like to see their book in paperback form. In the old days before eBooks, publishers would have to spend a large amount of money printing copies. Many of which might never sell. CreateSpace cuts down the cost and solves this problem by only printing when there is an order for a book. This is a great outlet to start your paparback sales.

3. Payhip [ royalties : 95% ]
What’s so great about Payhip is how easy, simple, and straight-forward it is. They also a wide range of services – all free. Protection – to prevent your ebook from being pirated. Google Analytics – allows you a fresh insight on your ebook sales and how people are finding out about your book. Discounts – allows you to promote your book by offering coupons and sales.

4. Booktango [ royalties : 100% ]
What I like about Booktango is that they are absolutely free. They don’t take any percentage of your royalties. They offer a wide range of services but these do come with a fee. Their services range from editing, promotion, and marketing. They also publish your book directly to Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, and Apple Books.

5. BookBaby [ royalties : 100% ]
They now offer services for both eBooks and print-on-demand. Like Booktango above, BookBaby lets you keep all the royalties but charges a fee for their services. For a certain price, they’ll format your manuscript to a professional eBook and also convert it into various eBook formats. They also help with promotion and selling.

6. MyeBook [ royalties : 90% ]
MyeBook takes a more business-like approach to getting your book out there. They help with setting up your business model and clarifying your goals. They also help with social media and marketing. They’ll convert your book into various ebook platforms.

7. Smashwords [ royalties 60 – 85% ]
The highlight of Smashwords is that they publish your book to many places that most large publishers don’t consider such as libraries like OverDrive and Baker & Taylor. They offer free ISBNs (but it’s better to buy your own). They offer many ways to promote your book such as Smashwords Interviews. They’ll convert your book into various eBook platforms and guide you through the uploading process.

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