Minor Setbacks But I’m Fine

Rosie the Riveter

A few days ago, I sent my book off to my editor for the second time. I figured it still needed some polish before I could go into publishing mode. She sent me a reply four days later. Her notes disappointed me hugely for one reason. My book required a ton more work if I wanted it up to par. According to her, my characts weren’t developed enough. The disappointment, misery, and defeat I felt at that moment was great. I had spent so much time on this book and I really didn’t want to spend more. I wanted to get rid of it. Be done with it. I was sick of looking at the pages and characters.

My father is a very wise man. When I need advice, I come to him without fail. I don’t agree with everything he says, but I value whatever tips he has to offer very highly. After receiving my editor’s notes, I was feeling extremely down and decided to give him a call. It was the right thing to do. He talked some sense into me and gave priceless advice.

After I got over my moody edge, I realized how great of an opportunity this was. I was handed a learning experience that would no doubt improve my writing abilities. I like to pride myself on my writing skills but when it comes to creating unforgettable characters I’m still figuring it all out. There are some movies and books that have greatly inspired me.

Recently, I watched The Talented Mr. Ripley. Strange name for a title and one I think that could have been done better. I was at work with practically nothing to do and the TV happened to be one, so naturally I started watching. The film started very slowly and barely pricked my interest except for Jude Law and Matt Damon. (SPOILER) After Dickie dies, the movie captivated me. I wasn’t able to turn away. Why? Because the film had done such an amazing job of building up the characters and plot.

The beginning was slow granted, but the rest of the film was great. I loved how deeply the characters were explored. I can’t stand more movies or TV shows nowadays. They all seem terribly cliche in that they all Tell then Show. They explain the obvious instead of showing and allowing the viewer to figure it out. Most films want to sum everything up in a little paragraph then cut straight to the action. This annoys me greatly. I’d like to see character and story build up.

I’m excited to be going back over my book. I’ve decided to accept this extra work as a challenge. Sure, it’s going to be difficult at times but I’m quite sure I can conquer this. Originally, I had the publication date set for March 31, but there is no way that will be a reality now. Mayhaps the end of April.

2 thoughts on “Minor Setbacks But I’m Fine”

  1. Very interesting note on story writing. I think character development is one of the most exciting things about writing a story. How awesome is it that you can create a fictional person, determine his/her past and ultimately his/her future and then develop a story around that person!? Wish you well as you continue to finish up your story!


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