How To Write A Press Release For Beginners

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I finished my book, had it edited by a professional, and created myself a website. After sending my book off to the publishers, I started looking for more to do. What’s next? The obvious answer was, write a press release! But how do I that?

I can’t tell you how many times I searched Google for the answers. Just one simple formula or easy way to do it. I looked at so many examples of press releases from well-established authors that I could have gone blind, but I didn’t see One press release for a beginner author.

Every example had… New York Times Best Selling Author Releases Captivating Thriller. But what if I’m not a New York Times best seller? What if I’m a nobody with a story to tell? There wasn’t any press release samples from newbie authors out there, so I decided after I wrote my mine I’d post them for other first-timers out there.

To begin with, think up some creative headlines for your book that will draw eyes to your article.
I used this generator to get some ideas. It was a great way to jump start my creative thinking.

Next, scour the internet for examples. True, most of the samples you’ll get will be for authors with a lot of experience. It might be hard to make these apply to you but glean what you can from them and use them to your advantage. Write it like a news story.

Below is an example with steps. I’ll walk you through it.

West Coast Author Releases Thrilling Mystery <—– Catchy Title
For Immediate Release <——- self-explanatory

PARAGRAPH ONE. So-and-so (INSERT NAME) releases a rollercoaster mystery set in such-and-such (INSERT CITY) town. This is a really fun read (ADD MORE HYPE ABOUT YOUR BOOK). This book is about the deep impact of friendships and love (WRITE THE MESSAGE OF YOUR BOOK). Audiences will connect to its story of life and death (WHY WILL PEOPLE LIKE IT). So-and-so (ADD YOUR NAME) says, “I got tired of living by the paycheck and decided to do something for others…” (MAKE UP A QUOTE).

PARAGRAPH TWO. Use this paragraph to add what your book is about. Using one of the short (between 150-200 words) marketing blurbs you’ve written for your book would be good here. It can also be longer but that’d be about the right length.

PARAGRAPH THREE. Add quotes. I’d add at least two quotes from other people about your book. (Tip: Go to writing critique groups and make friends with other writers. They can give you quotes for your book. Also, they don’t have to be famous people to give you a quote).

PARAGRAPH FOUR. Add your author bio to this paragraph.

PARAGRAPH FIVE. Add information to contact you and how to find your book. You might also want to include your book’s front cover and your author photo, but you don’t have to.

NOTE: Remember to write this like a journalist would. Be frank. Don’t use I. Don’t use very lengthy sentences filled with too many words. Be brief. To the point. But also be sure to spice up your description of your book. You want to get them excited in what you’ve got. You’re the salesman here. Good luck! Email me if you’ve got questions. I’d be glad to help.

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