Fun Times At New Job!

I haven’t written anything recently on here but I haven’t had as much time as I had before. I recently started a new job and it’s been difficult yet exciting trying to juggle two jobs. Fortunately, both of my jobs aren’t terribly too demanding. At my new job, I work in the office of a small municipal airport. It just recently opened two months ago and we’re all still figuring stuff out. My job come with a lot of perks such as making friends with pilots who stop by and getting to go for a spin in small airplanes.

On my first day, the mechanic at the airport finished working on a plane and had to test fly it. He asked me if I wanted to come along and I said sure! How could I refuse a free flight? Flying is absolutely brilliant. There is nothing more breathtaking than soaring across the landscape and seeing the mind opening view. My stomach felt nauseous afterwards for the rest of the day but the experience was worth it.

On my second day of work, I got fulfill a life long dream of mine and bucket list item #38: Ride in a Delorean. A guy who owns a plane and rents one of the hangers at the airport owns a Delorean and happened to drive it to the airport that day. My boss and I went over to his hanger to talk with him and of course check out the Delorean. I got to sit in it and I had my boss snap a photo!

Me in a Delorean!

I was then offered a ride. We sped down the tarmac with the windows rolled down and Back To The Future theme music blasting.

Being a super huge fan of Back To The Future, I can say that will be a moment I won’t ever forget. I will be soon starting my third day and can’t wait to find out what adventures await me next. Apart from all the fun, I’ve been determinedly slaving away at my book. I’m hoping to publish it come Summer. It’s going very well and I’m extremely excited to see it finished.

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