A Fresh Start


I hated the way my bio read, but I’ve been so busy the past months that I did nothing about it. It was starchy and didn’t sound like me. Today, I gave my website a brand new look. I hated the way it was. Everything about it seemed so cluttered and messy. I thought about doing a vertical menu side bar but after realizing almost every online web builder doesn’t have one in a template, I decided to stick with the vertical. I realized that the vertical was a bit better looking anyways.

After sprucing my site up and being happy with the outcome, I came to the bio. Oh, the wretched bio. It took my life and mashed it into a very small sentence of boredom. It was like I came to this world and that was it. No accomplishments. No conflict. No nothing. I was a robot. Mrs. Robot.

I started backspacing the entire paragraph and then deleted it. Start over new. Do you ever feel that moment when you know what you type next will be perfect? I knew it before I even started typing. I knew that this bio would be genuine. I did what I’d failed to do with the other one. I started with the beginning. When I started writing and what inspired me. I remember feeling confused, confounded when I’d first begun writing my bio. I had no idea where to start. A bio? What’s THAT?

It turns out the bio isn’t that hard. You will have many failed attempts, trust me. I had plenty. I did a freewriting. I jotted mumble-jumble down on hundreds of sheets of paper. I scribbled. I doodled. And when I’d finished, I was nowhere near the finish line of perfection. Sometimes it takes time. Work your butt off and slave over it. Then take a break. As long as you need and when you come back you may be surprised at what you find.

That’s exactly what happened to me. I slaved over my bio like a China man building the railroad a century ago. I was working on the railroad. I dedicated very long coffee-filled hours into the little 300-word paragraph. I added it to my website and hit publish. For several months, it remained on my very little visited website. Where nobody but myself read it.

Eventually, I forgot about it. Like a date night gone back it went to the back of my mind and was never heard of again. I became dreadfully preoccupied with work and re-re-editing my book. Then about a week ago, I visited my website again and felt very dissatisfied. I itched to redo the whole design. But like the slacker I am, I put it off. The longer I put it off, the more it itched in my mind. Finally I came to it.

It took me a few hours to finish but the whole end result was very promising. It became a simple website. A website that’d be easy to read for my visitors. And my bio… It reached near perfection. I feel that it truly reflects who I am and I’m very happy with it. Apparently the long break did me a lot of good.

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