It’s Shambles… but Progress!

Today, I walked through the infuriating heat that has taken hostage my city to the college library. In the morning, the weatherman in his forever cheery voice announced the temp would reach the 90’s by this afternoon. Yet, the sun was scorching this afternoon and it felt as though I’d stepped into an oven. Anyone who lives in the South and is reading this… these words are probably going through your head, “90! That’s nothing. You west coast folks are pussies.”

Your criticism is just. But note, we’re not use to stepping outside and finding our skin slowly melting off our bodies. But all complaining put aside, the day turned out to be very productive. I reached the library to find it somewhat vacant. Only a handful of summer students and staff populated the area. I set my stuff down and hooked up my laptop in my usual spot in the book room. I conveniently had it all to myself 🙂


WP_20150610_001I plugged my laptop in, opened up Word, turned some music on and got to work. I wasn’t able to write much but I was able to break through a wall that’d been keeping me stuck for the past days. You know the moment when you’re fingers start to itch to write and you know whatever you write next will be magical? That’s how I’ve felt since yesterday. I was completely swamped with work yesterday and didn’t have the time or energy to write. As soon as some free space opened up, I grabbed my gear and headed off to a place with free wifi.

Currently, my book is in near-shambles. What I mean by that is, it’s currently a jigsaw puzzle. Certain pieces aren’t where they’re suppose to be and require some direction as to where they should be placed. Those few scenes were my barrier and my writers block. It’s the hurdle I conquered today and I’m feeling good about my book’s direction. There’s still a ton of muscle work and heavy lifting that’s going to be required but I’m confident of the direction I’m headed.

2 thoughts on “It’s Shambles… but Progress!”

  1. I like the new look of your website. I plan to eventually revamp my own site–haven’t posted there in ages–in order to reflect more of my daily life, rather than putting up posts that have to do solely with writing. And I know what you’re going through with regard to your book being in shambles. I’ve been there, too, but then all of a sudden something clicks, and you’re on your way!


    1. Thanks Sheri! It’s a tough road but sticking it through is what counts! Sometimes getting rid of the old and spring cleaning revamps your energy. I hope your own writing is coming along well! 🙂


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