Behind Every Genius is a Cup of…


My day started with my alarm going off at 6 in the morning and it taking me five minutes to actually realize something was making noise. I didn’t scramble from bed but rather sluggishly crawled. It was a coffee sort of day. I could have quickly turned into Daffy Duck and taken a sludge hammer to the alarm clock or pushed a button that’d send it hurtling through a trapdoor into a black hole. But regretfully, I made myself get up.

I stumbled blindly through the rest of the morning. Stopping at the coffee shop, grabbing a cup of the darkest espresso, buying a muffin, getting on the highway, beeping at the idiot who swerved in front of me this morning and almost killed me. I did make it to work safely – if you could call it ‘safely’. But it’s definitely a coffee day.

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