The Jigsaw Puzzle of My Book


For a while now, I’ve been up to my neck in the mire of writing. Every writer has come to this point… Some more times than others. However, I’m in it the worse. I’ve sunk too far this time because of a big mistake on my part. I didn’t outline my book before I started writing. I can’t stress the importance of doing an outline before you begin writing. Every journey needs a road map and an outline is exactly that.

I started three years ago on this adventure and it’s taken me many places. It’s taught me valuable lessons and catapulted me through crazy experiences. It’s been a wild ride. But now I’m sinking in quick sand and trying to find my way out.

My book is a jigsaw puzzle. It’s solvable and not as difficult as a Rubik cube. Thank god. But the problem is I’ve looked at it too many damn times and my head sometimes feel as though it’s ready to explode. This was how I felt a few days ago and then I decided to do something.

I uploaded my book to my tablet in weird crazy font with the hope it’d look a little fresher to my eyes. It worked. I was able to read it easier. I found many mistakes I wouldn’t have otherwise noticed. It also helped that I hadn’t look at certain chapters in a long while. I also decided to create a storyboard of sorts.

Storyboarding… Isn’t torture. Ever since stories about CIA waterboarding torture came out, the phrase Story Board always reminded me of that. But story board is probably one of the best techniques a writer could use. It helps you outline your book. Most artists use it when outlining their cartoons or ideas. I spent the weekend, pouring over my manuscript and outline each chapter on a notepad. I then transferred my notes to pieces of paper titled Chapter 1, Chapter 2… And taped them to my wall.

SherlockHolmesGameOfShadows16I’ve always been fascinated by the maps or plans people in movies made on their walls. Such as the one in Sherlock Holmes. I’ve secretly wanted to do that. Now I’ve an excuse to without seeming slightly mad or crazy. Of course, I didn’t go all out like Sherlock did in the picture above.

I’m a visual person. I think better when my idea can be mapped out. When I can actually see it. Creating a story board for my book has so far greatly helped me. I’m able to see the skeleton of the plot more better. I can see what happens and what is about to. A feeling of excitement rushes through my bones. I imagine this must be how God feels sometimes when he views the world. To be able to see everything that will happen to the characters involved and to imagine all the possible things that could happen. In other words, to build a 4d and 5d model.

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