Pitch Writing Does Get Easier


Writing pitches and summaries for your book does get easier the more you do it.

I just thought I should let you know that since nobody seems to be noticing.

I hate pitch writing. Every writer hates pitch writing. I’ve never heard anyone say “I LOVE IT”. There are probably one person out there. One crazy person out who gets excited when it’s time to write a pitch. If I knew them, I’d pay them to do mine.


But I have to say, writing pitches does get easier. I’m going to be attending a writers conference in less than a month and I will be presenting my book to publishers. All through June, ever since I bought the tickets, I knew I had to write that dreaded pitch. I was nail biting over it. I thought of so many excuses why I couldn’t at the moment sit down and work on it. The chair was too uncomfortable. I was too sleepy and there wasn’t any coffee. I was hungry. I didn’t feel like it. The room wasn’t too dark. Blah, blah.

I put it off until finally a few days ago when I realized the conference was slowly creeping up on me. I forced myself to sit down and just do it. And… To my surprise I found it not that difficult. I’ve written and struggled through pitches and summaries for my book in the past. I also had a clearer understanding of my book than I did before. I’d been outlining the chapters and reviewing my chapters.

I don’t believe practice makes perfect. I believe practice makes permanent. Whoever was the first to say that should get a gold star. Keep that in mind when you write your pitches and book summary. It’s hard to get it right if you’re always doing it wrong. I’m going to give you a guideline here or tell you how to do it. That’s what Google is for. I just wanted to share my experience and tell you everything will be okay. It does get easier.

A few tips I would give are:
1) Step back. You know everything about your book inside and out. You know it’s veins. The arteries. Organs. Heart. And that’s a major problem. Because now you can’t see the bigger picture. You need to zoom out. Step waaayy back and take another look.
2) Outline. I can’t stress how important this is. If you haven’t already done it. DO IT NOW. It’s the only way you’ll be able to see the bigger picture of your book.
3) Visualize. Map out your book on paper or in your head as images. Watch it as a movie or TV. Try getting a different angle or perspective on it.
4) And Just do it. Nike is right. Write. It doesn’t have to be good. It can be terrible, terrible shit. So bad it stinks from miles away. Just start writing and don’t stop. You’ll eventually get there.
5) Take a break and exercise. I find being active helps get your creative juices flowing and unblocks all that pressure and stress inside your mind.
6) Take a moment and reflect. You don’t have to meditate but just sit back and allow your mind to unwind. You’ll find that ideas will come easier to you. Even some that you’d never think of.
7) Read material that you want to write like. If you want to right a summary or pitch like the ones on the back of novels, start reading the summaries on the back of novels. Monkey see. Monkey do.

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