Thoughts on the Bullshit of the Fictional Writer

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Writers in movies/books always seem to get so much work done in so little time. Or is that just me?
For example, Ewan McGregor in the movie The Ghost Writer puts out almost 10,000 words a day (or was it 20,000?). Daniel Craig in Girl With The Dragon Tattoo writes about 6,000 in a day.

That’s an insane amount of writing and here I am barely able to do 1,500 daily. What is the average amount of words that a professional writer does each day? I can’t imagine writing 6,000 in a day. One, it’d take eight hours of writing for me to accomplish that. When I write, I tend to do so in bursts. I’ll write and write for about a half hour and get a considerable amount of words done. Considerable as in between 500 and 1,000. Then, I get distracted by Facebook or Pinterest and do that for a half hour or so. After that, my butt starts to ache and I get up and go for a walk. My writing process is a long one. Especially if I get stuck.

Also it’s really difficult for me to write if I’ve an empty day. Meaning a day where I have absolutely nothing to do. No job, shopping, or gym. I will sit at my laptop meaning to do work but hardly get anything done. I find it the less busy I am the less work I get done. I took a few days one time with the goal of writing as much as I could in that amount of time. In the end, I wrote barely nothing. It was terrible.

I don’t understand how writers can sit and write all day and get about 5,000-8,000 words completed. I’m sure there are many professional writers such as journalists that can easily do this. I’m not one of them. I happen to be an aspiring writer who is currently attempting to finish her debut novel. This fact mayhaps be why I can’t comprehend writing anything more than 2,500 words in one day.

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