Website is Updated and Running

My website is up and running at the moment. But I must admit… I’m deeply dissatisfied.

Originally, I had started out using Wix as my website. I liked it because I could customize it easily to how I wanted it. Even though it did have some short comings such as not being able to add my WordPress blog to it. Then, Wix announced my one year was up and I had to pay again. Since the credit card they had on file was now deactivated, they could not charge me. So my site was shut down and held hostage until I paid up. I was annoyed. Very irritated with them. I looked at how much it would cost me to get it up and running again. Their price was about $150/year. My eyes bulged. Ridiculous amount.

Is this the norm for websites? Why so costly? I asked a friend if there was an easier/more cost effective way. He said not really. I then did some research and decided upon WordPress. I already had a blog with WordPress and it was only $99/year. So I chose WordPress and paid up.

Unfortunately, I came to realize WordPress’s greatest downfall. It is absolutely HARD to customize one’s own site. I hate it. I know enough HTML5 to get me by and CSS too. But I don’t understand it enough to actually build and design an entire website. I usually use web builders for that. So I decided to look up some web builders and discovered Moonfruit. It was easy and efficient. After spending hours on Moonfruit I realized I wasn’t even sure if I could integrate my Moonfruit creation into my WordPress site. Headache after Headache.

In the end, I went back to WordPress and just clicked on a theme I liked the best. I do not like my website in it’s current state. It looks… I very much dislike it and I really don’t want to spend HOURS and DAYS figuring out how to tweek it. Dammit. It should be easier than this.

My dream would be a simple yet savvy looking front page that has some information about my book, my bio and my latest blog entries. I’d like to customize the background to an image I like. I want my logo in the top left corner and I’d like to have a very smart looking menu. I want it easily accessible on a tablet, phone or any device. But I do Not to waste painstaking hours trying to figure out how to go about it. It’d be nice if someone came up with an easy web builder that could be used for any site. But that’d be too easy, wouldn’t it? For now, I suppose I’m stuck with this clunky thing.

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