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Unlikely Truth I Learned Working At Hotels


From my years working in the hotel industry, I’ve had some pretty bizarre, crazy, terrible and wonderful experiences. I had a guest buy me a bottle of very expensive wine because he noticed I was having a bad day. I had a couple yell at me and try to get me fired because I couldn’t give them a late check out. But over the years, I discovered a startling fact.

I’ve worked in nice luxury hotels where the lobby sparkled in dazzling whiteness. I’ve worked from dingy motels to the best of hotels. Well, maybe not really. But pretty close.

Non-hospitality experienced people don’t know the difference between a motel and hotel. So, I’ll tell you now. A hotel is luxury. A motel is affordable. Hotels come with clean rooms, pleasant staff and great breakfast. Motels come with all of that but the word ‘clean’ is loosely defined. Motel 6’s standards are way lower that of the Hilton. But people stay in motels because it’s the best they can afford.

A surprising realization hit as I was working a late shift at a motel. Poor people seemed more genuine and kind than the rich. Or was that just me? When worked at a Best Western years ago, the people who visited were always nice. They’d chat with you. Always have pleasant things to say and compliments. Sometimes you’d the grumpy ones but that’s just how customer service is. Usually I’d get guests who were staying in town for a wedding, college or some event. They were people who could afford the luxury of Best Western.

Years later I worked at a motel part time and the customers were different. The guests were usually from in-state and not hundreds of miles away. They were poor but also more giving. The conversations they held seemed more genuine. Sometimes I’d get the stinky old drunks but they’d always leave me more of a tip than the rich lady with a dog. The bums who just wanted a place to warm up for ten minutes held more of a real conversation than the soccer mom touring colleges with her daughter.

I never realized how more real bums or people living in poverty are than the ones who make $90,000 a year. When they speak to you, it’s as if you’re a friend they haven’t seen in a while and welcome gladly back. I’m not saying that the wealthy aren’t genuine or super nice. I’m not saying the wealthy are mean and nasty. When I worked at more luxurious hotels, I met plenty of awesome people who made my day special. But the contrast between those people and the guests at a motel are striking.

The Best Places To Write Outside of Home

I hate writing at home. There are too many distractions. When I’m home, all I want to do is relax and turn on Netflix or my Xbox. I don’t want to do work and it’s really hard to get myself to work. I love going some place other than my house to write. I find that I have a lot more focus and I can’t accomplish a lot more in a little amount of time.

The places I try to go to are usually quiet with few people. I hate large crowds and noisy spots. I can’t focus or even hear myself think. Over the years, I’ve compiled the perfect list of places to write. Here are the qualifications for a perfect place to work. Mind you, it doesn’t have to be just writing. You can be working on school or a project for your business.

Qualifications… The place has to be:
– Quiet
– Few people
– Have A/C or heating
– Comfortable
– Bathroom facilities
– WIFI (the most important)

Here are my list of places that offer the best setting to write/work in…

1. University / School
This is the top of my list because it’s the best. Universities or schools always have a library, a classroom that’s free, and many other spots that provide a comfortable place to sit down and plug in your laptop. Schools always have a bathroom that is accessible, A/C or heating, and vending machines for when you get the munchies or are thirsty, and free WIFI. The only downside is that there are usually large crowds of people to found here. The good thing is that mostly everyone is a student which means they’re usually quietly studying.

2. The Hospital
I love going to hospitals to do work. You can generally find a quiet spot with few people to get some work done. It’s always air conditioned, have bathrooms and most hospitals now have free WIFI. Some also have a small cafe. Plus, unlike schools or libraries, hospitals are open everyday. The downside is that most of the people visiting the hospital are sick. Which means you’re at risk of getting ill.

3. Hotel
The bigger the hotel the better. Hotels in big cities usually have conference rooms, small dining rooms, or lounges you can sneak into and work. Most hotel staff won’t bother you either unless you look oddly out of place or are somewhere you’re not allowed. It’s always air conditioned, have free WIFI, and bathrooms. Hotels can be crowded and noisy but it depends on the location and time of day. In smaller hotels, it’s harder to sneak into a conference or breakfast room and set up shop. But I find that if you just tell the front desk that you aren’t a guest but would like to use their wifi, they will generally be happy to accommodate you.

4. The library
It might surprise you to find this as the last item on my list. I don’t tend to write or work on projects in public libraries. They’re always filled with noisy people and are limited in comfortable places to work.