Hello Everyone!

I’m Joanna Donaghue, a writer living in the quirky city of Portland, OR. Side note: It’s Portlanders – not Portlandians. By day, I work in the hospitality industry at a hotel and by night I’m a writer. On my off days, I can found volunteering at Portland homeless shelters. I believe strongly in giving back to my community. I love discovering new stories and finding new adventures to go on whether its in a book or outside. I have a website (www.jedbook.com) where I write a majority of my blog posts. I decided it’d be nifty to have a WordPress site as well!

I love finding new stories to read – especially stuff from unknowns and unpublished writers! I have a Fiction Press account (https://www.fictionpress.com/~jedbook). If you’d someone to review something you’ve written, just shoot me a message!

Read my latest posts and tell me what you think!