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Genius isn’t Instant

Genius isn’t instant. It’s not inherited either. Vivaldi didn’t dream up his operas all in one moment. He wrote them over the course of a year. Like all great artists, he probably suffered from writers block at times. Albert Einstein didn’t discover the theory of relatively in one day. He struggled for years with his calculations as the theory took shape over years. I don’t believe these men were the only ones with genius born inside of them..

Genius is gained through time and effort. You have to work for genius. Geniuses aren’t people who suddenly get an ‘aha’ moment. It can happen but not often. They’re workaholics. They don’t quit until they achieve their dream. They fight. They never say ‘never’.
Take Walt Disney for example, when Bambi was in the works, he was millions of dollars in debt. But he had a dream. He dreamed of the future. He had a vision and he achieved that vision. The future probably didn’t turn out to be exactly how he imagined it but I have a feeling it turned out better. Jon Bon Jovi had a dream to play music and rock crowds. He had a vision of where he wanted to take his music and he succeeded his goals. When things got hard, he didn’t give up. He struggled until he won.
I don’t claim to be a genius. I’m not overly smart. Heck, I never graduated from college. I don’t have a degree. But I’m willing to work. I’m willing to do the time and effort. The late nights filled with coffee runs. The early mornings with even more coffee runs. I’ve always heard from successful geniuses that in the beginning when you’re building your dream, it’s the most exciting. It’s the most fulfilling time of your life. And I believe them.
It’s thrilling to pull a late night and work your ass off. It’s thrilling to feel on the edge of getting somewhere. I love the crazy days filled with challenge. It’s what shapes you. It’s what changes you. It’s what pushes you forward. To be successful you must have motivation. You must visualize your dream and make it happen.
Everyone defines success differently. Some see it as a CEO running their own business. Others view it as helping those in need. And, some see it as finding inner peace. Some of you might know who Christopher Robin. He is the son of the author A.A. Milne and also one of the main characters of the very much loved children stories Winnie the Pooh. Christopher Robin was the hero of those stories. He was the one who helped the animals in their time of need. In reality, he wasn’t so happy. He struggled through his teen and adult years as people gave him endless criticism. Once he tried to join the army and other men there teased him about his childhood fame. They viewed him as a wuss.
Christopher Robin didn’t have an easy growing up. But he overcame it. He struggled to find himself and be something other than the Christopher Robin in the childhood books. In the end, he found himself and peace. This was his success. He never claimed the same fame or fortune as his father but I believe he found greater success than his father. He discovered himself. He knew his place in the world and accepted it. So many of us can’t claim to have achieved as much. Not even I. I’m still figuring life out.
Whatever you claim success to be, go find it. Have the courage to achieve whatever road blocks life puts in your life. Be who you want. And as Pumbaa from the Lion King would say, “Hakuna Matata”. Have no worries. Things will be fine.