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Complete Makeover. Feel Great!


A few months ago, I started out making a website. The journey actually started about a year and some months ago when I wandered onto Wix.com. I had a book that I was hoping to publish soon and I needed a way to share it and myself with other people. A website was the perfect outline. Now, this journey seemed a long one full of trial and error.

A few months ago, September to be exact, my Wix account expired. Wix was asking something that seemed like a fortune to renew it. I decided to another route and I didn’t like they’re web builder anyways. After a long and tested process, I found a way to design a website that looked how I wanted it to. I’m going to do a video and blog later on what I did and how easy it is to make a website.

But for now, I’m here to announce my website’s new transformation. Out steps the old. And in with the new. Voila! Jedology.com.

For now since I have a paid subscription WordPress that I can’t cancel, I’m keeping Jedbooks.org. Will I ever cancel it? I’m not sure. But we’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. At the moment, I’ve got Jedology and Jedbooks. I hope you’ll check out both sites as I spent a lot of time and painstaking effort over the designs.